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Our course presents a requirements management process and shows the significance of requirements management throughout the project lifecycle .We will teach you the skills that will help you understand the key requirements, manage the requirements and changes during development.

We strongly believe that Requirements Management Is a Key Responsibility of Project Managers. Good requirements management is central to improving the value delivered from all project and program investments . Poor requirements definition results in missing requirements, scope creep, substantial rework, and possibly a variance from initial benefit and cost estimates.
Acceptance and Approval
Managing Requirement Change
Managing Requirements Risk
1. Practice Real-World Tools and techniques for immediate Application
 2. Case-Studies- In Class and Assignments
 3. Developing Core Business Analysis Skills
 4. Apply best practices for requirements management
Requirement Management and Communication
Overview of Requirement Management Process
Stakeholders and Requirements
Requirement Analysis
Requirement Types and Process
 Solution Scoping and Enterprise Analysis
  • Solution Scoping, Investment Planning, Project and Program Management
  • Determining Project Scope
Modeling Techniques
  • Learn the fundamentals of business process modeling for eliciting requirements
  • Examine ways to discover and write business rules that affect a system
  • Business Rules, Brainstorming, Benchmarking, Data Dictionary, Decision Tree, WBS Functional Decomposition of Requirements
  • Distinguish business and user requirements from solution requirements and know when it's appropriate to define and document each
  • Learn how use cases fit into the life cycle
  • Understand the relationship between use cases and requirements
  • Translate users' statements of needed system behavior and functionality into high-quality use-cases
  • Determine and document normal, alternate, and exception scenarios
  • Overcome common pitfalls and traps encountered when using the use case approach UML diagrams (use case diagram , activity), Use cases
 Requirements Management for Project Managers
Topics Included
Business Requirement Documents Covered in the Course
  1. Scope and Vision document
  2. Business Process Modeling - As Is Process Flowcharts, To be Process Flowcharts
  3. Business Requirement Document or Software Requirement Specification
  4. Functional Specification document or Feature Document
  5. Gap Analysis
  6. Requirements Management Plan
  7. Work Breakdown Structure
  8. Traceability Matrix
  9. Business Analysis Interview Questions and Preparation
  10. SMART requirements
  11. Change Management Concepts
  12. Project Management Basics
  13. Change Management Plan
  14. Use Case Diagram, Activity Diagram, Use Case Inventory, Use Case Diagram, UML, Use Cases, Activity Diagram  .
1. Project Managers Managing a team of Business Analyst or capturing
    requirements of their own

2. IT Folks who want to learn Business analysis and Requirements Management

3. Working BAs seeking Formal Training to stand out from their Competition

4. Students / IT Newbies aspiring to learn Project Requirements Management

5. NOT REQUIRED: Prior Programming Knowledge or Computer Science Degree

6. REQUIRED : Good Communication, Analytical, Documentation, People & Problem Solving Skill
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