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Business Analysis and Change Management

Requirements for a Business Analyst
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Our PMP/CAPM Bootcamp learning course is designed to help you prepare for the Exam and gain the most understanding of project management even for students with limited Project Management knowledge.This program covers all aspects of the latest PMBOK Guide and is designed to decrease your after-class study time from hundreds of hours to less than 40.
In our PMP/CAPM training program, you will learn all the knowledge and skills via in-depth discussions, demos, presentations and much more. Our instructors have created a dynamic curriculum for the PMP/CAPM course that will help you learn faster and retain the information longer .
All study materials are included
Unique features of this course include discussions, tips, tricks, exercises, case studies and other tools to help you understand NOT MEMORIZE the concepts necessary to pass the PMP exam.

Project Management Professional (PMP)/Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Prep
  1. What is project management ?
  2. The project management lifecycle
  3. Characteristics of projects
  4. Compare and contrast the roles of project managers in organizational environment- balanced , Matrix and projectized environment.
  5. Identify leadership styles of project manager.
  6. Describe the ways groups are divided into projects.
  7. Explain the roles and responsibilities of project Team members.
  8. Project organizational structures- Advantages/Disadvantages.
  1. Clarifying and defining project objectives , produce a statement of work (AOW) and the scope statement. 
  2. Develop Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) using established tools and techniques to achieve stated project objectives.
  3. Staffing the project with responsibility charts and responsibility assignment matrix.
  4. Producing a task flow network to complete the work - network diagrams ,critical path , contingencies , interrelationships.
  5. The role of the team in planning.
  6. Determining how the project will be completed - network diagrams , critical path. 
  7. Exercises on - network diagram ,critical path, WBS.
  8.  Producing Gantt chart and schedule the completion of the work .
  9. Concepts of Estimating , Budgeting  and Scheduling.
  10. Adjusting time and cost to project objectives Crashing and Fast Tracking
  11. Exercise - Crashing, Fast Tracking, Cost Estimating, Budgeting .
  12. Risk Management .
  13. Managing stakeholders and gaining buy in .
  14. Contract Management .
  15. Describe Contract administration policies and Procedures .
  16. Select Contract types for various situations .
  1. Controlling Projects
  2. Meeting Goals , Objectives and define Scope Management.
  3. Project Control
  4. Project Execution
  5. Common Problems during executing
  6. Effective Meetings, virtual meetings and Agendas
  7. What should be included in a project report- Reporting
  8. Preventing pading
  9. Collecting task status
  10. Percent Complete
  11. Ensuring Performance
  12. Change Management
  13. Prevent common problems during executing
  1. How to start the project
  2. Providing the target- Project Charter, Project Plan
  3. Individual Exercise- Charter
  1. Describe Strategies for Project Termination or Closure
  2. Record Lesson learned for future use and communication with other companies
  3. Creating historical records
  4. Gaining Final Acceptance
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